Tropical Kayak Tours was started in
May of 1999 under the corporation of
RG Enterprises of Vero Beach.

It is owned and operated
by Ronda Good.


"Exploring this beautiful state has truly enriched my life. I would now like to share my experience and knowledge and love of nature. Many creatures can be invisible to the untrained eye. As a self-trained naturalist, many hours of observation and follow-up readings have given me insight into the habits of the wildlife we will see. Thank you for touring my website and I look forward to seeing you on the water. Welcome to Paradise!"

Ronda Good

The Tours :
Only high quality touring kayaks are used. We can accommodate groups of up to 50 people. Most tour groups usually consist of 2 to 10 people. Your tour may be complimented by a wholesome and delicious meal upon request with 6 or more people. Lunch $15 per person. Dinner $25 per person. Dietary requests will be accommodated. We serve organic foods and hormone/antibiotic free meats and dairy.

The Meals: A sample Menu
Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Fresh fruit
Fresh bread
Hot cereal
Juice, tea, coffee
Bacon or sausage
Pasta salad
Tuna or chicken
Fresh bread with olive oil
Fruit and cheese
Grilled chicken, steak or fish
Grilled vegetables or Salad
Fresh bread and oil
Carrot cake


Your Guide:
Ronda has been an avid kayaker since 1991. As a safety precaution, she has completed the Red Cross First-Air, CPR and Lifeguard courses.

An Endorsement:

"Tropical Kayak Tours would be more aptly named Exotic Kayak tours.

Ronda's spirit of exploration has created opportunities for the novice paddler, or the expert, which Disney, Costa Rica or Belize would envy.

I have paddled many places in the world, including the above, Hawaii, Japan, Australia, Puerto Rico, Cabo and the Boundary Waters of Minnesota, and none of those places shine any brighter than what Ronda can show you in Central Florida.

She has a passion for ensuring that we who come to visit will leave with memories that will more than linger. If there is a stream or any other water way, along with flora and fauna that inhabit the area, that she doesn't know it is only because the tourist types like me have distracted her from her explorations.

And, she has a style that makes most outfitter's trips look like an after thought.

This is her business, but in truth, kayaking is her passion. GREAT MEALS, attention to detail, an ability to be in synch with her clients are the most visible attributes. Teaching, sharing and helping the rest of us experience and embrace the beauty, and paradoxically, the fragility, of our world sets her apart.

The Japanese have a word giri that in English translates as 'a debt that can never be fully repaid.' A trip with Ronda will help you understand."

Vince Lang, Psychotherapist, Chicago

Thank you Vince!



An Endorsement:

Just wanted to let you know what a great time I had kayaking for the first
time - what a great introduction to the sport on the Indian River! The food
was fantastic (hey, could I have the recipe for the salmon pasta salad?),
local wildlife info was informative (especially about the cool spiders we
saw suspended in the mangrove canopy) and the manatee show was awsome (I
know you stage that for your clients!!!).

Thanks again and I'll be passing around your company name and praising the
Rose A. Gulledge
Smithsonian Institution
Dept. Systematic Biology



An Endorsement:

Dear Ronda,
Sorry it has taken me so long to send a HUGE THANKYOU for the fabulous
photos you took of Jim and I and my parents, from our kayak trip back on
October 11th. They had a really great time here from England, and the
highlight, I believe was our day with you. I think they are hooked on
kayaking. I have been spreading the word about your tours to all my
friends at Southwest airlines who live all the way from Orlando to your
neighborhood. Hope to drum up more business. I hope too, to take another
tour real soon. We'll be calling you soon. Take care and thanks again for
doing such a great job! Regards, Julie Gascoyne.



An Endorsement:

Thanks for the wonderful kayak trip you provided to Mike Purcell and our
whole crew. The answer is off the beaten path. It was a privilege, a
heartfelt privilege to go down the dirt road of what Florida used to be. To
go out into the Indian River much like as of old. Being close to nature.
So much of it gone. I enjoyed the group, the explanations, and seeing the
birds and islands. When we ate the fine lunch you provided, I felt as if we
were like the birds facing the sun. But when I broke away from the group,
out to the middle of the channel with the wind and waves it was almost
mystical, this the meeting of the wind, sea, and senses. I was driven or
was I pulled to this almost supernatural experience or was it just plane
Thank you, thank you!
Phil Hilferty



An Endorsement:

Dear Ronda,
Thank you very much for showing Jordan and I how beautiful and
serene the Indian River is. Out of all of the things we had done in our
two week vacation, we both felt that the kayaking was most fun and
definitely most worth our money! Even though I had never been kayaking
before, I felt totally at ease as well as having the challenge of
pushing myself further and paddling the trail! Thanks again.
VĂ©ronique Schaffrath





Looking for a great place to stay while kayaking in Florida? I recommend the following:


South Beach Place  1705 Ocean Drive Vero Beach  (772) 231-5366

Vero Beach Inn & Suites 8797 20th Street  Reservations 772-567-8321  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Coste d`Este, Vero Beach 772-562-9919

Port D`Hiver, Melbourne Beach 321-722-2727

Driftwood Resort 772-231-0550

Sandy Toes Beach Rentals, N Hutchinson Island 772-882-4325

Ferndale Lodge, Sebastian Waterfront

Vero Beach Hotel and Club 772-231-5666



Looking for a good place to eat in the Vero Beach area? We have many fine restaurants. These are some of my favorites from  Vero Beach,  Ft Pierce, and Sebastian.


Avanzarre, Vero

Blue Star, Vero

The Fish Shack, Vero

Italian Grill, Vero 772-567-6640

The Italian Kitchen, Vero

Joey's Seafood Shack, Vero

The Kilted Mermaid, Vero

Maison Martinique, Vero

Mobay Grill, Sebastian

Nino's, Vero 772-231-9311

Osceola Bistro, Vero

Patisserie, Vero

Sharky's, Ft Pierce 561-466-2757

Sqid Lips, Sebastian

Sumo House, Vero

Tiki Bar, Ft Pierce 561-461-0880

Tropical Smoothies, Vero

Waldo's, Vero 772-231-7091